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Services We Offer:

  • Anxiety 

  • Depression

  • Coping skills

  • Emotional management

  • Stress management

  • Work/ Life Balance

  • Young Adult and College Issues

  • Family issues

  • Adjusting to change/ life transitions

  • Time management and organization

  • Self- esteem

  • Relationship issues

  • Goal setting and action planning for positive change

  • Womens issues

  • Walk/talk therapy

  • Online counseling- TELEHEALTH

Online Counseling

Movement counseling offers online counseling, where you can meet with your counselor and conduct a session via online VIDEO platform.  We use a secure, HIPPA compliant, easy to use platform.  Let us know if you have any questions about how online counseling works or insurance coverage of online counseling. You will receive an emailed link to access your appointment and are able to access your appointment using a computer or have the flexibility of using your phone or tablet using the app: Telehealth by Simple Practice.

Walk and Talk Therapy

Movement counseling offers traditional therapy as well as an option to incorporate walk/talk therapy.  Walk/talk therapy combines traditional talk therapy with literal movement.Research has shown not only physical benefits but also mental health benefits from physical activity, including anti-depressant, stress reducing, anxiety relieving and increased focus/cognitive functioning benefits.   The focus is not on exercise but on using the natural benefits of physical movement with the process of talk therapy with your counselor. Research has shown that physical activity helps reduce stress. Walking releases chemicals called endorphins (the brains "happy" chemical)  Stress affects your body, so when your body feels better, so will your mind.   Clients may chose to incorporate walk/talk therapy in our process, or may choose to stay with traditional therapy, or a combination of both! While we are only offering Telehealth sessions you are still able to walk and talk during your session using the Telehealth app on your phone.

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